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so. in my philosophy class. apparently not everyone sits in the same seat all the time and im cool with that

but holy fuck. if I been choosing the same spot for awhile now, do kindly NOT take my spot. I chose it for a reason.

I love how canonically Cas is the hottest and the most lovable person in SPN universe. Like, I don't think there are so many references to the Winchesters' good looks (there are half a dozen about Sam from Becky) as there are about Cas's (pretty boy angel, attractive crying man, sexy God, etc.) and humans, angels and demons start developing feelings for from left and right. Pretty boy angel indeed




Everyone wants to smooch Castiel it is known.


And the Lord GOD, created Castiel the Seraph.  And it was good.  Castiel was neither first among the Heavenly Host, nor was he last.  Created was he as a warrior for the Lord and as a protector for MAN.  And the Lord GOD looked upon Castiel and saw that he was beautiful in form and his countenance well-favored.  And this pleased the LORD.  And the LORD saith, Lo, it is known that Castiel the Seraph is among the most beautiful of OUR children.  And Castiel was modest and lowered his eyes from the LORD.  And the LORD saith, All will desire thee, Castiel, but none will know thy favor.    Except Dean Winchester.

And it was good.

Hey quick question can angels or demon read minds??!? Its for something im writing :l


Dean: All right, Minions, look alive!  We gotta get these new Pops unloaded, get ‘em to work!

Minons: Yessir, Demon Dean!

Minion: *sigh*

Sam: Deeeeeeean!

Dean: What now?  I’m busy orderin’ around SMITTEN MINIONS.

Sam: We got a QUESTION.  Probs someone cheatin’ on her homework again.

Dean: Oh, well that’s cool!  What’s the question?

Sam: They wanna know if angels or demons can READ MINDS.

Dean: Read minds?  Well, in a sense.

Cas: I can read your AURA, Dean.

Dean: Oh reallies?  What color is it, Cas.

Sam: Uh, we probs don’t gotta go into great DETAIL….

Cas: It’s GREEN.

Dean: Green?

Cas: Th’ GREEN-EST GREEN that ever GREENED!  Like fresh POND SCUM in the swamp in spring!  Like sparklin’ dried MOOSE SNOT! 

Sam: All rightie!  Moving on….

Dean: Well, I can read YOUR AURA too, Cas.

Cas: What COLOR is it, Dean?

Sam: *sigh*

Dean: It’s BLUE Cas.

Cas: BLUE?

Dean: Blue like Clorox spilled onto a kiddie pool.  Blue like crispy fresh-baked methamphetamine!  Blue like the glistenin’ of a bacteria sample on agar!

Sam: Well, I asked for it.  Now I don’t know whether to BARF or get THERAPY.

French Maid Minion: *dust dust dust*

Sam: You missed a spot!

what is love?


baby don’t hurt me

don’t hurt me

no more


i was just thinking how in x-men canon the force of charles and erik’s ust caused innumerable deaths and a 60 year philosophical split in mutant culture


I read smut before bed like it’s a fucking bedtime story


me seeing Cas in those promo screen caps


Writers: *hints at a possible romantic relationship between Hannah and Castiel*
Megstiel Shippers: I'D RATHER HAVE DESTIEL